Program Committee

The primary purpose of the Program Committee is to establish educational programming throughout the year for the Conference & EXPO, the Owners Summit, bi-monthly webinars, and any other event that may be established by the Board of Trustees.

Program Committee Chairs

Program Committee Members

Pam Arms • Wendy Bechtelheimer • Lois Brown • Stan Bullington • Lou Chippendale • David Cooper • Chuck Dodge • Luke Elliott • Dennis Hofmann • Scott Kelly • Lainie Miller • Joel Patterson • Brenda Scarborough • Rick Yonis

Getting Involved with FSSA

The Program Committee meets by conference call at least once every quarter (at the discretion of the co-chairs). If you would like to volunteer on this committee or have questions about other volunteer opportunities, please contact Courtney Long. You can also call the office at (863) 884-7204.